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O'Donoghue Fireplaces & Granite Countertops


At O'Donoghue Fireplaces & Granite Countertops, we supply and fit fireplaces for both commercial and domestic clients. We are known for our affordable prices and excellent service.

There is nothing quite like an open fire. Mankind has always enjoyed sitting around a fire, feeling the warmth and enjoying the dancing flames. There is now a greater selection than ever, with traditional and modern styles to choose from. No matter what size room you have, you can find a fireplace that will complement the décor and provide a central point.

At O'Donoghue Fireplaces & Granite Countertops, we know that our clients’ needs vary, which is why we always look at new and exciting designs. We look after everything:

Measuring Service

Fitting is carried out by a certified fitter

To find out more simply email us or call us on 066 4014005
We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Browse a sample of our range

We supply a huge range of fireplaces, here are some of our most popular. We carry our catalogue when measuring for a new fireplace, so are sure to find something that suits.

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