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O'Donoghue Fireplaces & Granite Countertops


At O'Donoghue Fireplaces & Granite Countertops, we supply and fit stoves for both commercial and domestic clients. We are known for our affordable prices and excellent service.

Stoves are becoming more and more popular, due to the excellent output they offer. Many people choose to opt for a back boiler, which in turn can heat the water and the rest of the home. This is an excellent way to harness the energy and make efficient use of your stove.

At O'Donoghue Fireplaces & Granite Countertops, we know that our clients’ needs vary, which is why we always look at new and exciting stove designs. We look after everything:

Measuring Service

Fitting is carried out by a certified fitter

To find out more simply email us or call us on 066 4014005
Alternatively you can get in touch via email

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